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Purpose Lancets
Manufacturer Bectondickin
Directions If you are using a lancing device refer to the manufacturer’s insert that came with the device. 1. Wash and dry hands. 2. Select a site on fingertip for lancing. It is advisable to lance the side of your finger to minimize pain. 3. Remove lancet cap. 4. With firm motion, puncture skin quickly. 5. Apply blood to test strip. Wipe finger with dry cotton ball or soft tissue over puncture site until bleeding stops. 6. Place used lancet in a sealable puncture proof container such as the BD Sharps Container. When container is full, seal securely and discard properly. Follow local disposal regulations where applicable.
Uses BD Ultra-Fine 33 gauge lancets fit most lancing devices including: BD lancing device, Penlet Plus Onetouch Ultrasoft, SoftTouch and Medisense, Microlet and FreeStyle. BD Ultra-Fine 33 gauge lancets are 49% thinner than lancets used most commonly with other meters. Data on file on BD. Latex free. Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic.
Warnings USE ONCE, DESTROY AND CONTAIN. Contents contain small parts. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

Key Product Features

Sterilized product
Sterilization Method
Gamma radiation

Product Packaging Information

Packaging Level Shelfpack each Case
Quantity 100 1 2400
Length 66.675 mm 365.0 mm
Width 55.563 mm 175.0 mm
Height 88.9 mm 145.0 mm
Weight 256.8 g 2.567 g 6.161 kg

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