CareSens Dual Starter Pack (Meter + 10 Testing Strips)

CareSens Dual meter is perfect for people who need to test for blood glucose and as well as blood ketone.CareSens Dual offers an ideal platform to perform blood glucose and blood ketone test on a single meter.With the Bluetooth connectivity to compatible smartphones, you can upload the test results to the SmartLog phone app.If you are currently using CareSens N or CareSens N POP meters, you need to change your glucose test strips to CareSens PRO strips.Contains 10 Blood Glucose Test Strips Lancing Device Lancets Batteries Compatible test strips: CareSens PRO for glucose testing. KetoSens for ketone testing.

Extended information –

CareSens Dual Meter uses Bluetooth wireless technology to pair* and to send your glucose results to a smartphone. When using the CareSens Dual System, we suggest you pair your CareSens Dual Meter with your smartphone and track your results.


• Do not expose the meter to direct sunlight, heat, or excessive humidity for an extended period.
• Do not let dirt, dust, blood, or water enter into the meter’s test strip port.
• Do not drop the meter or submit it to sharp shock.
• Do not try to fix or alter the meter in any way.
• Active electromagnetic radiation may interfere with the proper operation of this device. Keep the device away from sources of intense electromagnetic radiation, especially when measuring your blood glucose/β-ketone.
• Store all the meter components in the carrying case to prevent loss and help keep the meter clean.
• Keep the meter and testing supplies away from young children.
• The test strips and foil packet may be choking hazards.
• Ask your healthcare professional to help you decide what your hypoglycemia level is before setting your standard.
To avoid infection when drawing a sample, do not use a lancet more than once, and:
• Do not use a lancet that has been used by others.
• Always use a new sterile lancet.
• Keep the lancing device clean.


Transition Period of FREE CareSens meters ends 31 July 2018.

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