Drainage Scraping Massager Magnetic Wave Therapy Vacuum Cupping

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Electric Drainage Scraping Massager Magnetic Wave Therapy Vacuum Cupping Relaxation Heating Guasha Device Body Back Massage

Ergonomics shape design, easy for you to hold and operate it.
Adjustable 6 files about heat temperature and negative pressure strength, you can adjust it according to your need.
Multifunctional. It adopts negative pressure gravitation, magnetic wave physiotherapy and heat effect technology, achieving good effect to your body.
Negative pressure gravitation.It can increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, do aerobic exercise for skin and adipose tissue and do scraping therapy etc.
Magnetic wave physiotherapy. Effectively eliminate fatigue, improve vanish of the inflammation and decrease swelling and pain etc.
Heat effect. This can increases collagen protein, relax nerve and release pressure etc.
This scraping massage is applicable for people who have high pressure, sub-health people and the elder people with rheumatism and painful leg.
The default working time of the product is 25 minutes, it will automatically stop working after operate it for 25 minutes.
Before using the device, it is necessary for you to put filter cotton into filter plug, then put the filter plug into the hole.This can effectively prevent essential oil from entering device.
You should replace filter cotton after each use. The filter cotton is reusable after clean and dry out.
It is recommend that you should evenly smear essential oil on your back to avoid skin become painful.
It is suggested don’t use the device after eating .
During pregnancy and menstrual period, you shouldn’t use it.
If there are varicose veins phenomenon in the body , please don’t use this unit.
This device should be used in the same direction, don’t use it up and down, right and left.
Only when you have a rest for 30~45 minutes after using then you can take a bath.
Material: ABS
Applicable body part: Whole body
Size: As shown
Color: Gold
Package content:
1 x Scraping massage tool
1 x USB
1 bag x filter cotton(with 3 filter plugs)
Pack in original box
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