• Shipping Weight : 0.300 kg
  • Net Weight : 0.250kg
  • Package Size : 9.0cm x 9.0cm x 9.0cm
  • What’s in the box : 1x honor speaker
Basic Information
  • Color : Red , Blue , Grey


IPX5 level waterproof standard, anytime, anywhere with each other

Whether it’s in the desert, by the sea, or when the sun is shining, or when the wind suddenly rises, the strong Honor portable bluetooth speaker will be with you all the time.Even on days when you don’t feel like going out, it can be found in every place you need to be — your bedroom, kitchen, living room, balcony… beautiful in appearance and stunning in performance.

Incoming call with one key answer, echo elimination noise reduction more clear

Built-in microphone with high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio, it can answer the phone with one button when playing music, missing any important calls.CVC6.0 noise reduction technology, can achieve the call up noise reduction effect, effectively eliminate the echo, several adjusted microphone, speaker level structure space position, within 1 meter diameter, can achieve clear call, whether it is daily home call, or office conference call can easily deal with.

Built-in CSR chip supports bluetooth 4.1 technology With built-in independent antenna, more stable and more smooth

Equipped with the new CSR bluetooth 4.1 technology, to make the link more stable, outdoor barrier-free environment, the connection radius can reach 10 meters.The body is integrated with built-in independent antenna for customized debugging, for a longer distance and more stable connection, all in Honor portable bluetooth speaker.

Design with both appearance level and function

ID design makes great concentration palette, create Honor proprietary tone, soft cloth wrapped speakers, injection temperature for science and technology, exquisite weaving process, let the voice is connected fully, full grain tactility, suitable for more scenes in life, at the same time more waterproof, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, make you more wanton no-clasp when use.

It is not only a sound box, but also a portable artwork

After hundreds of times of polishing and fine-tuning, the display is more ergonomic appearance radian, all-in-one molding speaker base, hidden button to make the appearance more complete, prominent volume +/- and pause/start button, let the finger touch clear and clear, love, but so on.

The system hangs the rope, lets the carrying more follow one’s heart

In a car, in a bag, in a room… anywhere you can think of to hang or put it, it will take care of itself.

Easy to follow, the palm of the music little giant egg

About 190g is as heavy as a bag of biscuits, but it can provide you with music food at any time, making your journey and life no longer monotonous.Small volume (100*100*42mm) will do your palm in the music small giant egg.

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