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G2B Fetures:

1,Simply insert a GSM SIM card to activate the control panel (Contract or Pay As You Go). No telephone line needed.

2,Quad-Band GSM Module: 850 /900/1800/1900MHz, for worldwide usage.

3,Supports up to 99 wireless zones (with one wireless sensor in each zone) and 7 wired zones (with numerous wired sensors connected by series connection in each zone).

4,Supports Timing Arm/Disarm (up to 3 groups), Partial Arm (Home Arm), Entry Delay (Alarm Delay) and Exit Delay (Arm Delay).

5,Remote control the alarm system by phone call and SMS; Support up to 6 designated phone numbers for alarm calls in 3 loops and 3 designated phone numbers for SMS notification.

6,System Dialing Function: making phone calls directly from the control panel with a SIM card in it.

7,Automatic play of preset 10-second message recording when alarm occurs and alarm call is answered.

8,SMS Notification for Real-time Arm/Disarm Status (Not Supported by Most Other Non-Branded Alarm     Systems On eBay).

9,Blue LCD screen with time clock, alarm status and signal strength bar display.

10,Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer for easy operation.

11,Real-time, delay, 24-hour, bypass defense zone programming function.

12,Built-in backup rechargeable battery can last up to 5 hours with SMS reminder when AC power off.

13,Work as GSM alarm system (with GSM SIM card) or Spot alarm system (Without SIM card).


G2BW Fetures:

1, WiFi+ GSM +PSTN home alarm system with LCD display

2, 99 wireless zones + 4 wired zones

3, 4 groups alarm phone call No. +3 groups SMS phone No.

4, Android + IOS APP application easy to control

5, Free alarm push via mobile App through WIFI network. For example: Alarm

panel battery low or Wifi OFF, App alarm push will remind user.

6, Accessory low battery SMS Sent.

7, Door Sensor Two-way Function.

8, When AC power disconnect or accessories battery is low

there will have alarm information promptly pushed to the user’s phone

9, Zone name can be modified by users.

10, Work with IP Camera, the IP Camera APP integrated in the alarm panel APP.

User can view the IP Camera by phone.

11, Support wireless siren function.

12, 10-second voice message recording.



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Stable and Realiable Alarm System


Your home/office is a place you want to keep secure, but getting all the high-end security gadgets and services available to help you do that is a pricey endeavor. Now, roll your own DIY security alarm system. It’s more fun and it’ll save you some money. You can arm/disarm the alarm panel via phone, SMS, remote control or the arm/disarm button of alarm panel. If you frequently travel or want to make certain that your home is secure while you are away, this system is an ideal choose for you.

Be There Even When You’re Not

The alarm panel will autodial or send SMS to your preset phone number when any detect sensor is triggered, the siren will sound on the spot at the same time. All of these things will help you have the best security possible and make it very hard for anyone to get into your home or business. In addition, optional wireless devices can be added to provide control over other functions including wireless smoke sensor, wireless gas leak sensor, wireless signal repeater, emergency key to meet your need of beef up your alarm system.


Two-Way SOS Talking


This alarm system with the advanced technology of Two-Way SOS talking. It is the combination of powerful home security alarm system and SOS Emergency Call function. Press SOS key, the alarm panel will auto dial the preset SOS number(you can set the SOS number of family member/local hospital). When call gets through, speaker is default on, then user can talk with his family/ Hospital staff directly. It gives seniors and their caregivers the freedom of independence as well as peace of mind. It is ideal for homes with baby or elderly inhabitants, as the remote for the alarm comes with a panic button that may also be used as a caretaker emergency notification system.


Life is better when you’re in control (Expandable (Optional))


Our alarm system lets you keep in touch with your home easily and conveniently, and from anywhere — on the road, at your office or while on vacation.



Installation Guide
If you need, you can also contact the police, fire department, hospital or other emergency personnel to come to your home immediately. You can contact child/older to confirm whether they are okay or in need of asistance.


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